Student Leadership University is a leadership camp for high school students. SLU 101 provides a year’s worth of leadership development in just 4 days. This dynamic experience allows attendees to learn from world-class thought leaders in creative and participatory environments inside and outside of the conference room. SLU teaches each student practical and relational life skills to change the way they think, dream and lead at the feet of Jesus. The trip will be July 10th-14th, 2023. You can visit the links below for more information and resources.

Cost: $320 per student





To pay for camp online, please click this button below! Make sure to designate the fund as "Students," frequency as "One Time" and in the optional memo section, put "SLU 101 2023".
If you choose to do a payment plan, either online or in-person, we will send reminder emails when payments are due!